Puro Desmadre

by Odessa Kane

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Curb servin’ in the booth?
Ya’ll murderin’ who?
Stop it, if that wasn’t further from the truth
The reason being greed, the sole determinant, the root
F*** the world really?
That’s just a perversion of the truth
Life’s a B****, that’s the weakest mantra
even though i recited the whole sh** at Nas’ concert
I’ve moved on
Plus no two songs should sound alike
Slaves’ll tell you different pushin’ that over the counter white
Hit em’ with that counter left
Power to my independence
the crowd responds in a frenzy
How is it that i’m receiving envy?
I’m just a SouthEast MC
And according to the industry we ain’t even got a scene
til I and the Rotten King pull up break your Doppler machine
What’s the barometer read?
I believe an anomaly is the only way to describe me plus Mother Nature’s co-piloting
Brother them winds of change comin’
Kane brain buzzin’ off chemtrails he been fighting off since day one…
doesn’t it make sense to breathe new life into a new mic?
Can’t f*** with that weak sh** so i’m bustin’ a few pipes
When the pressure build I explode with positive reinforcements of course so I can see myself grow
while the rest low key hate
on this West Coast deathblow specialist from CA
lo-Cal, SouthEast mayne
Slingin’ Cuetes in front of Petco out the trunk quick
cause since Tony Gwynn retired, yo, we ain’t done sh**
Yo soy tu Padre causin’ desmadre in the Gaslamp
On Market tellin’ folks if they ain’t got loot visit my BandCamp
I push, but I pull em’ in
How’s that?
cause my style make a bullet spin
You wack.
You mad.
No style havin’ ass, bomedy, ass betta
claiming you a cash getta
Get yo ass shot up
with vaccines, bullets, poison tipped arrowheads, heroin that’s loaded, dotted red, splattered in Duracell acid
Do yourself a favor, stop rappin’ and stop spammin’
unless it involves white rice, Sriracha, and sea weed wrappings
Deep sea Captain
holdin the Krakken captive…
yeah, you got your feet wet but that’s not what I would call active
In fact it’s testament to how you haven’t adapted
Chapter 6 Verse 19? Sh**’s harder than your whole album
You suckas ain’t f***in’ with me and that’s the outcome…


released October 31, 2013
Written by Odessa Kane
Produced by Dj V-Rock
Cover Art by Do the Math Creative



all rights reserved


Odessa Kane San Diego, California

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